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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a new operation and forget about the nuts and bolts, but it is important to consider the realities of your situation. What kind of tools will you need? How much space will they take up? Will you be able to fit all of them in? How do you plan to transport them? The answer to these questions is just some of the things we think about when it comes time for us to help our customers plan their operations.

No matter what stage of development your company is at, we can help you find the best cutting tools that best suit your needs in the UAE. We offer bulk quantities and can even supply custom tools for you if you need something specific that we don’t already provide. Our team works with manufacturers and suppliers all around the world, so if there’s something special and specific you need, we can help bring it to you.

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Damam Hardware is one of the most prominent traders and suppliers of cutting tools in the UAE. We have a wide range of products that includes band saw blades, circular saw blades, drill bits, drill bits sets and many more. We are backed by a team of professionals who have years of experience in this domain. Our experts are well versed with all aspects of cutting tools and can provide you with the best possible solutions.

Damam Hardware is your one stop solution for all your needs related to cutting tools. We have a dedicated team which handles each and every aspect of our business operations so that we can deliver high-quality products at competitive prices within the promised timeframe. At Damam Hardware, we strive to meet our customer’s requirements through our comprehensive range of products and services.

Our wide range of products includes:

  • Band Saw Blades
  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Drills Bits
  • Drill Bits Sets
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Damam Hardware, a leading distributor of various brands and categories of Hardware products. Our products are imported from reputable, established and renowned companies across the globe.
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We’ve been in the cutting tools business for years now, and one thing we know for sure is that manufacturing evolves constantly. As a company that sells cutting tools in Dubai and the whole UAE, our mission is to provide products that meet customers’ needs in a timely manner. To achieve this goal, it is essential that we make an aggressive push to ensure that we ascertain issues faced at the locations where our customers are developing their operations globally, then provide optimal proposals that leverage the expertise we have accumulated over the years and verify their implementation.

One way that we do this is by closely listening to customers’ needs. Another way that we stay on top of supplying trends is by innovating ourselves. Thus we have become the number one Harden Cutting tools supplier in the UAE!


Features of our cutting tools

When choosing a material for a cutting tool, there are several desirable characteristics to keep in mind. These characteristics can be split into two categories: physical and operational.

First, the physical properties of the material should be considered. The material must have high strength and toughness to withstand the extreme forces generated at the cutting interface. It must also be able to resist high temperatures without losing its hardness. Conductivity should also be considered if heat generation is a concern.

Second, functional considerations should also be taken into account when choosing a material for a cutting tool. The material must be suitable for the particular application it will be used. For example, if the tool will be used in an application where great temperature variations are experienced on a regular basis and it may not be practical to keep the tool at operating temperature all of the time, then the material should have good thermal expansion characteristics and high thermal conductivity so that it will not expand greatly with temperature changes, causing distortion or workpiece deformation.

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Specifications of our cutting tools

As Cutting Tools Suppliers in UAE, we make sure our Cutting tools are made of high-quality steel. Steel is a combination of iron and alloying elements like carbon and manganese that are added to iron to make the resulting metal harder. Tools made of high-quality steel can be used in both dry and wet conditions without becoming rusted or corroded. In addition, high-quality steel is not as brittle as low-quality steel, making it more likely to maintain its cutting edge for a longer period of time.

High-quality steel is also very hard, meaning that it does not become dull easily. It can be used for long periods of time before it must be re-sharpened or replaced. Since the material being cut doesn’t have to be constantly re-cut or renewed, this makes the tool’s use more efficient and effective. High-quality steel also has a high tensile strength, meaning that it is significantly less likely to break during use than lower-quality steels. This makes our tools safer and easier to use since the user does not have to worry about the tool breaking while the item being cut is held in place by another device, such as clamps or vices.

Why choose Damam Hardware as your Cutting Tools Supplier in UAE?

If you’re wondering why Damam Hardware is the best supplier of cutting tools in Dubai, UAE, then the answer is simple: we offer the best products and services at the most competitive prices. And it’s not just our cutting tools that are great —we also have a wide assortment of other tools and equipment to meet your needs.

In fact, Damam Hardware has been providing high-quality service for years to all kinds of industries. We work closely with clients to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they need when they need it. Whether you’re looking for a new cutting tool or you need assistance with a current project, we’ll do everything we can to help.

We’re proud of the work we do here, and we want you to experience our dedication firsthand. If you want to know more about our products and services or if you’d like to set up an appointment with one of our professional staff members, call us today.


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